Windows Programmers Are Not In Demand

The demand 10 years ago was for windows applications because businesses were still getting used to the INTERNET and the WEB.

Today there is a high demand for web applications. The web HAS CHANGED the nature of how we do business and how we interact with each other.

Web applications are in demand because they are easier to scale than windows applications. They are more cost effective to support, easier to deploy and vastly more accessible to humans and computers.

Because of this, make sure that most of your programming projects are web applications and not windows applications. The skills you gain as a web developer will be in high demand across a wider market than the skills you gain from Windows development.

The skills you gain from Windows applications will not be in high demand. If you have a client or employer who still thinks in Windows mode, do everything possible to convince the client to think in Web mode.

If a large portfolio of your application development is in Windows, your career may end up with skills that are not marketable and you can become extinct like the Dodo.

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