Top Paying Jobs For High School Graduates In The USA

What are the top best paying jobs in computers and Information Technology that do not require a college education in the U.S.A.?

I choose Information Technology because the industry does not require extensive formal education at the college or post graduate level.

The Information Technology industry rewards talent, hard work, and initiative and does not have a set of degrees that must be acquired before one can practice in it. Compare or contrast this to careers in medicine, law and other high paying occupations.

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Again the Information Technology industry does not have a set of degrees or qualifications or examinations that must be obtained before one can start a career in it.

Having said that, I must caution that the Information Technology Industry requires one to read, study and research extensively. The industry may not be suitable for those who hate reading in general. The Information Technology Industry re-invents itself every year. This means that new software applications, new technologies and new releases of existing operating systems, databases, programming platforms occur every year. To stay on top of all the changes, master the new technologies and keep one’s skill current, one has to read a lot of books, magazines and industry publications.

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Some of the best paying high technology (hi-tech) jobs for high school graduates in the USA include:

  1. Computer Programmer

  3. SQL Programmer

  5. Database Developer

  7. Business Analyst

  9. Microsoft Access Developer

  11. Microsoft .NET Developer

  13. C# Developer

  15. Visual Basic .NET Developer

  17. ASP.NET Web Developer

  19. Web Developer

  21. SQL Server Developer or Oracle Developer

  23. SQL Server Database Administrator or Oracle Database Administrator

As a general rule, there are no requirements that one must have a college degree to work with computers. However, there are some employers who may list a college degree as part of their personal requirements for their computer programming or information technology jobs.

Read the latest article on best paying jobs and careers for high school graduates

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