How To Become A Computer Programmer

HOW TO MASTER A COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE\n\nComputer programming jobs are high-end jobs that are always in high demand. There is always a great need for skilled and qualified people who can take on the challenging work of being a computer programmer. Knowing how to read and write code, however, is not enough for you to get ahead if it is your choice to pursue a career as a computer programmer. Mastery of a computer language is necessary if you want to get ahead in your career path. Mastering a specific computer language is not as difficult as you may think. If you want to master a computer programming language, here is how you can do it.\n\n1. You must first decide on which sector of the computer programming business you want to specialize in, whether on gaming, database, website development, small business applications and whatnot. Making this decision will help you figure out what computer programming language to master because each field uses its own language. Many, however, use Java and C++ so those two are safe choices.\n\n2. Train yourself in this language of your choice. This should be easy if you already have the rudiments of the language, and you probably already do. However, you should still try to stretch your knowledge on this language as far as you can. Review your programming books or do a number of projects on your own. If you have the time, you can enroll in a refresher course.\n\n3. Grab every learning opportunity you can get. Buy or borrow as many computer programming books dealing with the language of your choice as you can lay your hands on. Study every line in them, and learn how all the commands and the syntax works. Use what you have learned to solve programming exercises and challenge yourself by making and solving your own projects.\n\n4. Find a study buddy. You do not have to undertake your learning on your own. Having a study buddy is handy. You will have someone to compare notes with on how some programming problems ought to be handled and to check up on your progress. Finding a study buddy can be done by joining a programming user group in your local college or university.\n\n5. Join a computer programmer’s community forum on the Internet. Community forums have many links and resources that could be quite handy with getting your mastery on the computer language of your choice. They are also frequented by experienced computer programmers who are often generous with dispensing their knowledge to the greener members of the community. You will certainly find a treasure trove of knowledge there.\n\n6. Take a certification test. Taking a certification test will force you to study harder and enroll in review classes. The effort is certainly worth it. Passing a certification test is a sure sign that you have achieved a level of mastery in the computer programming language of your choice. It certainly adds to your credibility as a computer programmer and makes a nice and impressive entry in your resume.\n\n

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i want to be a programmer like u please guide me
hye me please..
Hi Siverland, what do you want to know?
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Hi. Guide me to become a master programmer of vb, can u give me some links of referrences.