How To Become A Computer Programmer

HOW TO HANDLE A TECHNICAL JOB PHONE INTERVIEW\n\nThose of us who have been through the job hunting process know that there are many companies out there whose recruitment procedures have multiple layers, which are all meant to screen their possible candidates like a sieve. These layers are supposed to weed out the qualified from the unqualified, as well as to bring out the one most suited for the job among those who are qualified.\n\nIn the period that you are seeking a job in the tech industry, there will be times that a person from a company you submitted your resume to would call you up at home or on your mobile to ask you a few questions about the information you have put in your resume. This is a technical phone interview. It does not matter whether you are expecting this phone call or not, but it is important that you should take this phone call seriously. This is a part of the screening process of the company to which you applied for a job.\n\nThe technical phone interview can take you by surprise, but it is possible for you to breeze through it and get to the next stage of the process, which is the face-to-face interview. Here are pointers you need to bear in mind when doing a technical phone interview.\n\n1. The person calling you would want to put a gauge on what computer programming language that you know and how well-versed you are in the software development process. As thus, you should be prepared to answer a number of basic technical questions about your chosen programming language. You do not have to recite your textbooks to your interviewer. If you know your subject matter and if you speak with confidence, you will be able to wing it.\n\n2. Your interviewer would also ask you a few things about your resume, as if to verify some of the information you have put in there. Your interviewer may also ask you to elaborate on some points in your resume that he or she may have found interesting. So, it is important that you should be familiar with everything you wrote on your resume. Perhaps nothing is more embarrassing in a job interview than forgetting what you have put in there. Forgetting the contents of your own resume may also turn off your interviewer and score you negative points.\n\n3. Because you are speaking over the phone, it is possible for the reception to be garbled. This is especially true when you are using a mobile phone or an Internet call client like Skype. Regardless of the case, you should speak clearly when talking with your interviewer. Do not mumble or eat your words, and get to the point of what you are trying to say. Doing this will not only prevent any difficulties with communicating with each other. It is also a show of your respect for your interviewer’s time, as you may not be the only applicant he or she has to call for the day. Also, smile during the phone interview. Your interviewer will not see you smile, but he or she will hear it in your voice.\n\n4. Being in a job interview does not mean that you will be the only one peppered with questions. Take this opportunity to ask questions about the job you have applied for. Not only will you learn some essential points about the job that you may use to compare with the other positions you have angled for, but it will also show your interest in the job the company that your interviewer represents may have for you.

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