How To Become A Computer Programmer

HOW TO HANDLE A TECHNICAL JOB FACE-TO-FACE INTERVIEW\n\nOnce you have submitted copies of your resume to the companies that you would like to work for, the next thing in store for you is to play the waiting game. That is, the next thing you should do is to wait for these companies to give you a call for an appointment for a job interview.\n\nWhile the purpose of your resume is to introduce yourself to your prospective employers and to create a favorable first impression of yourself to these people whom you would like to work with, the job interview is the time you are supposed to nail what your resume has supposedly achieved for you. This is the one opportunity you have to convince your possible employers that they need not look at any other candidate for the job, and that the one they are looking for is sitting right across them. The job interview is your chance to shine with your future employers.\n\nMany people get nervous with their job interview, and they have cause to be so. The job interview can be a tricky process, and although there are many sources on the Internet listing likely interview questions for a technical job interview, you would never really know what to expect. You should therefore prepare yourself for your job interview.\n\nTo up your chances of scoring high with your job interview, here are a few pointers you may want to keep in mind:\n\n1. Look presentable. It is not just your knowledge and your competence that will be tested during your job interview. It is also how you present yourself. You will be selling yourself at your job interview, and packaging counts a lot. You would not buy a pack of noodles at the supermarket with lousy packaging, would you? There is no reason why your possible employers should, as well.\n\nSo, on the night before your job interview, make sure you get enough sleep so you would look fresh, rested and relaxed on your appointment. Wear a conservative business suit; make sure that your suit is clean and neatly pressed. If you are a woman, the job interview is not the time to wear your flashy clothes and jewelry. A few toned-down pieces of accessories would do, but do not overdo it.\n\n2. Do your homework. Before you show up at your job interview, be certain that you are armed with as much information as you can get about the company you are doing this job interview with, as well as the requirements of the job and the technical aspects that make you qualified for it. Letting your interviewer/s know that you know what they are all about and what is to be expected of you should you be hired gives you confidence and eases the flow of the conversation during this appointment. It also signifies that you are really knowledgeable with the job, as well as competent and a self-starter.\n\n3. Ask and be asked. During the job interview, you should expect yourself to be asked unusual questions. These questions may throw you off a little, but that is the purpose of these questions. They are supposed to test how you will behave when faced with unusual situations, which you definitely will encounter in the course of your career.\n\nRemember that in job interviews, you are not only supposed to answer questions about yourself. You are also supposed to ask questions about the company that granted you this job interview as well as the job itself. Asking intelligent and insightful questions shows that you are really interested in the job.

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