How To Become A Computer Programmer

When you are actively searching for a job as a computer programmer, one of the things you should be taking care of is your resume. Your resume is the document you hand out to your prospective employers. It serves as the tool by which you sell yourself to your prospects and convince them that you are at least worthy of being interviewed for the computer programmer position that you want.Because your resume is your selling tool, it is very, very important that you put some considerable effort on writing your resume. Your resume should do four things for you, and these four things are:\n\n1. Make a good first impression to your prospective employers on your behalf.2. Relay to your prospective employers the reasons why they should hire you as their newest computer programmer.\n\n3. Let your prospective employers know what skills that you have, what courses you have taken and what projects you have completed that make you qualified for the job.\n\n4. List down whatever special accomplishments you may have that will impress your prospective employers.\n\nYour resume is a reflection of yourself, so you should take care to make it neat and orderly. It should be typed out perfectly, without any typographical errors. The top of your resume should contain your name, address, contact numbers and email address. \n\nDivide the body of your resume into four main sections – objective, education, work experience, and accomplishments – with headings set in boldface or centered. Do not use italics or all caps because this typeset is hard to read. Use only one font, preferably Times New Roman or Arial, and set it to size 10 or 12. Also, set a margin of one inch. Use short phrases to describe entries in your resume and use sentences in the active voice to encourage further reading of your resume.What skills should you put on your resume? It depends exactly on what kind of computer programming job you are in the hunt for, but generally, you list the skills that are most relevant to the job description of the position that you want. You can enumerate the number of programming languages that you are familiar with, which programming language you specialize in, what operating systems you are able to work with, what kind of machines you can handle.\n\nIf you already have gained some experience from a previous job or from a project you have handled, list them down and describe them using short phrases in active voice, as stated above. State what each job or project was all about and include in the description what your role there was. Also include the outcome of the job or project as well as the results.\n\nYou should make note whenever you upload your resume to a headhunter website or email it to your prospective employer, it is likely to end up in a searchable database. So, in order for your resume to gain a bit of an edge over those of your competitors, insert relevant keywords that you think possible employers are likely to use when searching their database or the headhunter websites they subscribe to whenever they are hiring.\n\n

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