How To Become A Computer Programmer

How easy it is to learn a computer programming language like C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Python, Cobol or Fortran depends on a number of factors:\n
  1. Difficulty: Some programming languages are more difficult than others. Arguably, C/C++ is more difficult than Java and Java more difficult than Visual Basic to master.
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  3. Visual Programming Tools: The ease with which you learn a programming language is also tied to the quality of Visual Programming Environments available for the language. For example C#, Visual Basic and Microsoft Access have visual programming environments that enable and fosters rapid learning compared to other languages.
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  5. Books and Resources: The more the number of published books, articles, blogs, forums, sample projects, etc. on a programming language, they easier is the learning curve for that language because many or of the questions you will be asking as you learn the language will have been answered in a book or some website.
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  7. The cost of programming: Some languages have freely available starter kits, free or low cost development environments and free or low cost compilers. Since their tools are more affordable, it is cheaper and easier to program for them.
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\nIn this article, I examined the ease of learning programming languages and discussed the factors that affect how easily you will master any given programming language.\n\nThere are more factors that influence your choice of a language. More factors that influence how rapidly you will learn any programming language. To learn more about programming languages and how to master them, go here.

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