HOW TO HANDLE A TECHNICAL JOB PHONE INTERVIEW Those of us who have been through the job hunting process know that there are many companies out there whose recruitment procedures have multiple layers, which are all meant to screen their possible candidates like a sieve. These layers are supposed to weed out the qualified from […]


HOW TO START A NEW CAREER AS A WEB DESIGNER Designing the overall look of a website and balancing this look with the supposed function of the website is the responsibility of the website designer. It is the job of the web designer to create pages that make up the website, putting in the images […]


HOW TO GET COMPUTER PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE Gaining experience counts a lot towards getting ahead in a career at computer programming. The more experience a budding computer programmer gets in his or her chosen field, the higher his or her expertise level rises. With greater expertise come more jobs, and eventually a higher level of expertise […]

How to choose the right programming language to study

There are hundreds of computer programming languages out there, with each language having its own particular use. While a specific computer programming language is developed for a purpose, new ways of using a programming language are eventually found. The more uses a programming language has, the more popular it seems to become. Many computer programming […]

How to create a computer programming resume

When you are actively searching for a job as a computer programmer, one of the things you should be taking care of is your resume. Your resume is the document you hand out to your prospective employers. It serves as the tool by which you sell yourself to your prospects and convince them that you […]

How much do contract programmers earn?

Becoming a computer programmer is one of the more well-paying jobs in the market today. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and the people who choose to be part of those who cater to this need and pursue computer programming as a career are expected to be highly skilled and more […]

How to become a contract programmer

Becoming a contract programmer is a career path that is attractive to many people who have chosen to become computer programmers, whether they are still green or they already have a bit of experience to speak of. The life of a computer programmer may seem to have a little more freedom than that of a […]

How to become a computer game programmer or video game programmer

If you want to be a computer game programmer or a video game programmer, now is the best time to venture into the industry. The industry is hungry for new talent that can bring a lot of new ideas and perspectives on the table, what with the accelerating development in computer technology and with the […]