Business Analyst Interview Questions

The Business Analyst Career Training Book is now available. It covers business analyst interview questions business analyst job descriptions how to write a business analyst resume business analyst salary ranges business analyst training requirements business analysis certifications business analysis skills software used in business analysis careers tools used in business analysis jobs how to get […]

Programming Interviews Book

The Programming Interviews book that covers: how to write resumes for programming job interviews how to ace technical job interviews how to get computer programming jobs easily how to negotiate software development or full-time software developer job offers with recruiters or hiring managers how to find software development jobs fast how to market your computer programming skills If you want to […]


HOW TO START A NEW CAREER AS A DATABASE DEVELOPER Database developers or administrators are IT people who create or otherwise use software that are meant to sort out, store and manage information in such a way that these information can be easily retrieved and hard to lose, thereby adding to the productivity and efficiency […]

How to create a computer programming resume

When you are actively searching for a job as a computer programmer, one of the things you should be taking care of is your resume. Your resume is the document you hand out to your prospective employers. It serves as the tool by which you sell yourself to your prospects and convince them that you […]

Best Jobs For High School Graduates

Which careers and jobs offer high school graduates without a college degree or job experience the best opportunities for professional advancement? And where can high school graduates with little or no job experience and college education earn significantly higher income? The one thing that high paying careers have in common is skills that fetch top […]

Toughest Challenge Of Your Programming Career

What is the toughest challenge facing your computer programming career? For me it is finding enough work to keep me busy and occupied on my programming jobs. I find that I regularly have to apply pressure on my clients to find interesting, motivating, challenging software development projects. What about you? Are you challenged by the […]

Learn to handle difficult relationships, manages and co-workers effectively at work

Difficult relationships, co-workers or managers can cost you your job.   Relationships become strained because of several reasons including:   Your boss or co-worker is just a difficult person You are a difficult or hard to please person You are all working under tight deadlines at work and everyone is becoming un-reasonable with expectations and […]

Self Learning and Popular Myths About Computer Programming

Before I became a computer programmer, i heard the story of a guy who studied computer science in college and graduated to become a mainframe programmer. At some point in his life when personal computers became popular, he was downsized and lost his job as a mainframe programmer. The story goes on to say that because […]

Top Paying Jobs For High School Graduates In The USA

What are the top best paying jobs in computers and Information Technology that do not require a college education in the U.S.A.? I choose Information Technology because the industry does not require extensive formal education at the college or post graduate level. The Information Technology industry rewards talent, hard work, and initiative and does not […]