THE BENEFITS OF BEING A COMPUTER PROGRAMMER Many people who have taken an interest in tinkering with computer programming as a hobby or side project eventually end up pursuing it as a career full time. This applies even if the person‘s previous field of specialization is something that has nothing to do with computers, such […]


HOW TO START A NEW CAREER AS A WEB DESIGNER Designing the overall look of a website and balancing this look with the supposed function of the website is the responsibility of the website designer. It is the job of the web designer to create pages that make up the website, putting in the images […]


HOW TO START A NEW CAREER AS A DATABASE DEVELOPER Database developers or administrators are IT people who create or otherwise use software that are meant to sort out, store and manage information in such a way that these information can be easily retrieved and hard to lose, thereby adding to the productivity and efficiency […]


HOW TO MASTER A COMPUTER PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE Computer programming jobs are high-end jobs that are always in high demand. There is always a great need for skilled and qualified people who can take on the challenging work of being a computer programmer. Knowing how to read and write code, however, is not enough for you […]


HOW TO GET COMPUTER PROGRAMMING EXPERIENCE Gaining experience counts a lot towards getting ahead in a career at computer programming. The more experience a budding computer programmer gets in his or her chosen field, the higher his or her expertise level rises. With greater expertise come more jobs, and eventually a higher level of expertise […]

What is the current computer programmer job market outlook (part 2)

Information technology experts have pegged computer programming jobs to be among the more highly paid professions in the market today. Despite economic hiccups experienced by the United States’ economy in the previous year, the salary rates of computer programmers and other IT professionals still went up by an average of %3. There is definitely money […]

How to choose the right programming language to study

There are hundreds of computer programming languages out there, with each language having its own particular use. While a specific computer programming language is developed for a purpose, new ways of using a programming language are eventually found. The more uses a programming language has, the more popular it seems to become. Many computer programming […]

How to create a computer programming resume

When you are actively searching for a job as a computer programmer, one of the things you should be taking care of is your resume. Your resume is the document you hand out to your prospective employers. It serves as the tool by which you sell yourself to your prospects and convince them that you […]

Do computer programmers need good math skills?

As a Programming Career Coach, one of the questions I often run into from people considering the challenging and exciting field of computer programming is “Do You Have to be Good at Math to Become a Computer Programmer?”The excitement of being a computer programmer and the potential for high pay draws many people to shift […]

What is the current computer programmer job market outlook? (part 1)

During the years of the boom, the computer industry saw a rise in the demand for talented computer programmers to form the backbone of these lucrative organizations. The demand was high, the competition was tight and the prizes at stake are more than generous. But as these corporations fizzed out by the early […]

How much do contract programmers earn?

Becoming a computer programmer is one of the more well-paying jobs in the market today. Our society is becoming more and more dependent on technology and the people who choose to be part of those who cater to this need and pursue computer programming as a career are expected to be highly skilled and more […]

How to become a contract programmer

Becoming a contract programmer is a career path that is attractive to many people who have chosen to become computer programmers, whether they are still green or they already have a bit of experience to speak of. The life of a computer programmer may seem to have a little more freedom than that of a […]

How to become a computer game programmer or video game programmer

If you want to be a computer game programmer or a video game programmer, now is the best time to venture into the industry. The industry is hungry for new talent that can bring a lot of new ideas and perspectives on the table, what with the accelerating development in computer technology and with the […]

Resume Writing For Computer Programmers

Ah yes, it is beginning to dawn on you that your resume is the reason why you’re not getting programming interviews no matter how hard you try. And when you call recruiters, they give you the run around! Someone should have been kind enough to tell you that your resume is killing your career! Now begin […]

Salary, Compensation And Bill Rate For Computer Programmers

Contract computer programmer’s bill anywhere from $30/hr. to $65/hr. or more depending on the location of the programmer, the programmer’s skill level, the programmer’s experience, the size of the software project and employers demand for the computer programming skill in question. Experience: The more experienced a programmer is in a specific programming language, the higher […]

Best Jobs For High School Graduates

Which careers and jobs offer high school graduates without a college degree or job experience the best opportunities for professional advancement? And where can high school graduates with little or no job experience and college education earn significantly higher income? The one thing that high paying careers have in common is skills that fetch top […]

How Easy Is It To Learn A Programming Language?

How easy it is to learn a computer programming language like C/C++, C#, Visual Basic, Java, Python, Cobol or Fortran depends on a number of factors: Difficulty: Some programming languages are more difficult than others. Arguably, C/C++ is more difficult than Java and Java more difficult than Visual Basic to master. Visual Programming Tools: The […]

How much do computer programmers earn?

Contract computer programmer’s bill anywhere from $30/hr. to $65/hr. and more depending on the location, programming skill sets, experience, size of project and the market demand for the programming skill sets in question. Experience: The more experience a programmer has in a technology, the more the programmer gets paid. Note that contract programmers are not paid based on their […]

Help computer programming is difficult to learn

Is the process of teaching yourself programming becoming a little nightmare? Are you feeling a little surprised and over-whelmed about how much you have to learn? Perhaps your situation is similar to that of this person: I want to program computers so I bought a few programming books to teach myself programming. A couple of months […]