Become A Computer Programmer Or Not


This is a tale of “How Computer Programmers Become Extinct Like The Dodo!” 


Computer programming can do more than pay the bills. It seems to reward you just for loving it.

However, not everyone who is a computer programmer looks like an ambassador for the profession. You know what I mean and you probably have met them. The others, those computer programmers who have an amazing attitude and seem to give computer programming a bad reputation.

These people were once human and the question is “How do good people start out on a promising career and end up in the doghouse?”

Here are some of the reasons I found:

  1. You start out writing software and you discover you were not born to write code for a living, the only problem is you have no where else to go

  3. You really wanted to be a manager but you had no other job offer but programming

  5. You hear that computer programming pays well and you think that is all there is to it

  7. You spend all your passion talking about how Windows programming sucks and how Bill Gates does not know how to write code

  9. You spend all your time arguing with your colleagues about “who is the better programmer

  11. You decide that since computer programming is a religion you really do not need any recreational or social life. Afterall, when you die, you will either be buried at Microsoft or Apple.

  13. Every line of code for you is an artist’s job. So your last software development project took six months instead of one month.

  15. You are not interested in your employer’s business, since you are a computer programmer all that matters is your skills.

  17. You believe your skills are in hot demand and that you are about to take over the world, so you arrive habitually late at work, you pay no attention to your work clothes and you spend a good amount of time surfing blogs and forums on your employer’s time.

  19. At meetings, while every one else is talking dollars and sense, you fire up your dell laptop and launch into a tirade about the latest DESIGN PATTERNS which your SMART SELF just discovered.

At this point, I have run out of steam.

If you know of better, smarter, quicker, funnier and more unique ways to shipwreck your career, please add it to the list above.

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