Beginning Programming Made Easy

It’s come to the end of the year and I’m making it easy for other people to begin their career in computer programming. Because for a while, good quality information on “how to begin a career in programming” has been hard to come buy. However, i’ve started a new program for bloggers and website owners who are interested in helping people […]

Learn to handle difficult relationships, manages and co-workers effectively at work

Difficult relationships, co-workers or managers can cost you your job.   Relationships become strained because of several reasons including:   Your boss or co-worker is just a difficult person You are a difficult or hard to please person You are all working under tight deadlines at work and everyone is becoming un-reasonable with expectations and […]

How Not To Choose A Computer Programming Language

What computer programming language should I learn?, is a question I receive frequently on my computer programming career coaching blog at Sometimes, I am asked to choose from one of these programming languages: Java, C#, Visual Basic.NET, C/C++, Python, Ruby, Perl or JavaScript. As important as this question may be, readers of my book on “how […]

Self Learning and Popular Myths About Computer Programming

Before I became a computer programmer, i heard the story of a guy who studied computer science in college and graduated to become a mainframe programmer. At some point in his life when personal computers became popular, he was downsized and lost his job as a mainframe programmer. The story goes on to say that because […]

Windows Programmers Are Not In Demand

The demand 10 years ago was for windows applications because businesses were still getting used to the INTERNET and the WEB. Today there is a high demand for web applications. The web HAS CHANGED the nature of how we do business and how we interact with each other. Web applications are in demand because they are easier to scale than […]

Top Paying Jobs For High School Graduates In The USA

What are the top best paying jobs in computers and Information Technology that do not require a college education in the U.S.A.? I choose Information Technology because the industry does not require extensive formal education at the college or post graduate level. The Information Technology industry rewards talent, hard work, and initiative and does not […]

Do IT Certifications Really Help IT Careers?

A question I hear frequently is “Will Information Technology (IT) certifications really help my career or help me get a job”? The answer is both yes and no. It depends on who you are and where you are in life. Let’s look at some benefits of IT certifications: IT Certifications help with entry level jobs. […]

How much do computer programmers earn?

Contract computer programmer’s bill anywhere from $30/hr. to $65/hr. and more depending on the location, programming skill sets, experience, size of project and the market demand for the programming skill sets in question. Experience: The more experience a programmer has in a technology, the more the programmer gets paid. Note that contract programmers are not paid based on their […]

Help computer programming is difficult to learn

Is the process of teaching yourself programming becoming a little nightmare? Are you feeling a little surprised and over-whelmed about how much you have to learn? Perhaps your situation is similar to that of this person: I want to program computers so I bought a few programming books to teach myself programming. A couple of months […]

Help I lack experience in programming

Do you ever find yourself saying any of this? “I can’t get hired because I don’t have a good resume. I don’t have a good resume because I lack programming experience. And I can’t get programming experience because no employer wants to hire beginner programmers without experience!“ It is the classic lack-of-experience problem that can kill any […]

Help I can’t find a programming job

Is this your current job situation? “I have been looking for programming jobs but can’t seem to find any jobs that match my skills and experience. I am discouraged about my job search because I can’t figure what I am doing wrong. I need to find a programming job fast or else I won’t be able to […]